Here we’ll post a few facts about Eli Lieb .

-Eli has sanskrit writings tattooed on both arms (We’re not sure of what it exactly means)
-Eli likes the actress Tina Fey.
-Eli loves Björk.
-Eli is 5 feet 8 inches tall
-Eli can’t read music.
-Eli can play guitar , keyboard and the dulcimer.
-Eli’s first performance was at the Sidewalk Café.
-Eli’s zodiac sign is Virgo.
-Eli likes kale.(You find that interesting? Wait.)
-Eli thinks fresh greens are beautiful and he tends to take pictures of  “really impressive” chard and kale that he sees in the grocery store.
-Eli loves tea and starts everyday with a pot of tea
-Eli is obsessed with “30 rock” :)
-Eli loves taking a walk in nature
-In June 2011 Eli was only following 21 people on twitter, including us. He’s now following over 900 people and is followed by  more than 23 600 people.


( Eli Lieb @elilieb followed you (@elilieb_streatt). 246 tweets, 21 following , 973 followers)

List of equipements and programs Eli use for his music :

Korg Microkorg XL
Nord 88 key stage EX
Rode K2 Microphone
Logic Studio Pro 9
East West Symphonic Orchestra
Synthogy Ivory Piano
Native Instruments Komplete 7
Acoustic guitars
Baratone Acoustic guitar

Quotes :

“I am in complete appreciation today for all of the love and support you all have given me. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to be doing what I am doing. I am truly living my dream. I thank each and every one of you for helping me realize that dream. May it come back to you all ten fold!”

“Eli’s recommendation of the day… Bossypants by Tina Fey. She is so smart and funny.”

“Just so you all know, my cover of “Friday” was a goof. Im not actually taking that song seriously … most definitely not.”

“I am eternally thankful for all of my lovely, supportive, and amazing fans”

“Did you all know that because I have no record label I have no one funding me – except you all! YOU are my record label. Your support is EVERYTHING”