Mission 1 : Lightning In A Bottle

Lightning in a bottle banner

Eli Lieb’s new music video is out now and he needs YOU to promote it.

Here’s a list of things you can do :

1) Go watch, “like” and add the video to your favorite on youtube. And don’t forget to comment it as well!

2) Share the video on twitter, facebook, tumblr etc…

3) Make fanarts inspired by the song and share them on your favorite social networks with the hashtag #LightningInABottle

4) Send messages to music-related websites and ask them to share the videos.

5) Go download the song on iTunes.

6) Post positive reviews on iTunes, amazon etc.

And finally share our ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ support page and make sure to watch the video often to increase the number of views.


“People really like being really involved , they like thinking that they’ve discovered you . They like knowing that they can be part of you journey , you know , a part of your rise . And I really try to make all of the fans that I have to know how much I appreciate them , and know that it’s really … I mean it’s not just saying , it’s really because of them that I’m able to keep on furthering and get , you know, the higher places of my career . Because they are posting my songs on their facebook , twitter they’re playing it for friends . I mean it’s really social-networking .” -Eli Lieb

Thank you for your help !