Who are we? is the first site about Eli Lieb. It was created to help spread the word about  his music and help him get more exposure.

It is called the “Eli Lieb Street Team” because the main goal was, and still is, to inform the fans so that they can have all the knowledge they need to promote Eli’s music just like a street team would.

And of course we hope it will satisfy your curiosity and allow you to get to know  Eli a little bit better.

The Sections

-Eli Lieb : Here you’ll find everything directly related to Eli Lieb, his biography, facts about him, covers , interviews etc …

-News : Here you’ll find the latest news about him

-Street Team : This section is for fans who want to spread the word about Eli’s music

-Videos : A page with the videos you have to see.

-Multimedia : This sections contains everything fans need, like Lyrics, Download links, Audio transcripts etc

-Gallery : Pictures that Eli hasn’t posted on and fan pictures.

-Site : A section with everything related to our site.

-Forum : A message board where fans can get to know each other.

We also decided to keep the design simple, so you can find everything you need easily.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit,

                                                                                                                                                                                               And don’t forget to come back often for the latest infos and updates about Eli Lieb !