Eli Lieb is an American musician, singer-songwriter and producer from Fairfiled, Iowa who is famous for his incredible youtube covers and his hit “Young Love”.

Eli grew up in Fairfield, Iowa, where he attented the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment. To this day he is very attached to his hometown and the Fairfield community (which he often mentions in interviews) and their healthy lifestyle.

Not being able to read music didn’t stop him to start writing his own at the age of sixteen. As he explained earlier he just picked up instruments and tried to figure out how to play them. Since then making music has always been a kind of “weird second nature” for him. When he was twenty Eli left his hometown and moved to New York city.Hoping to find new opportunities for his music career he played at open-mics and got in touch with a few people from the music industry  but he finally went back to Iowa.

After a small break Eli started posting videos on youtube in 2009. Doing so allowed him to reach a new public and build a solid fanbase before releasing his self-titled debut album in 2011.

In 2013 Eli moved to L.A where he met and collaborated with artists such as Adam Lambert or Cheyenne Jackson and released his first big hit “Young Love” .

In 2014 Eli teamed up with Allstate LGBT and released the song “Safe In My Hands” downloadable for free on their website and announced that his new single “Lightning in a Bottle” should be released this fall.

Eli Lieb’s biggest hit : ‘Young Love’

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