What’s up with Eli ?

This year has been very exciting for both Eli and his fans,and a lot of things happened since the creation of the site.

Firstly our favorite artist got picked by a major PR firm, which was clearly a turning point in his career. And of course the release of his debut album ‘Eli Lieb’ on October 25th was THE event of this year. And even if we don’t know how many copies he sold  we’re sure he did pretty well for an independant artist. Eli also appeared in an episode of Us weekly’s hot stuff, attended events like the GLAAD Outauction and worked with people like Mike Ruiz… Yeah… MIKE RUIZ.It has probably been one of the most exciting year for Eli since he started posting his music on myspace.

Unlike some very talented youtube artists that don’t necessarly do the right things to be seen, Eli did his best and worked really hard to make sure he would get the recognition he deserved. And of course he shared with us the latest updates about his career, and his excitement about each of his achievements.

Unfortunately, the new youtube sensation has been quite busy lately, and we haven’t received any exciting infos about his career … But we’re sure it’s only temporary and we’ll soon read some major updates and learn about some big news in the next couple of weeks, til then here are a few twitter updates from Eli’s official twitter @elilieb

Best Soda Machine

A great way to start your day


That’s it for now, come back often for more updates about Eli Lieb !

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