1st Year Celebration : Join our Chat !

We invite you all to join the chat tomorrow, on June 16th at 3pm EST time. (8pm in the UK, 21 h en France, 3 am in China(June 17th) ) So we can all celebrate this one year we spent together !

I wanted to ask Eli if he could join but I didn’t cause I organized this event on a whim, so I guess this will be for fans only… But who knows ? I’ll organize more things like that in the future and I’ll definitely ask him if he can pop in the chat and say hi.

If you want we can organize some animations, I noticed I can share cloudsounds file with the entire chatroom, as well as an app to draw stuff with other people etc. So we have plenty of ways to have fun together.

Here are a few rules to make sure we all have a great time.

Click here to join the chat or go to the “Site” section and click on “Chat”

(You can’t read this ? visit our Facebook page to see the rules)

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