‘Young Love’ Music Video

Eli Lieb Young Love BannerEli Lieb’s new music video is out now, you guys know what it means. Share the video with as much people as you can on social networks , blogs , sites, forums etc.

Update : Share the ‘Young Love’ support page ! In this page the video is in autoplay so 1 click = 1 view ! 


Tips : If you’re a member of a forum put a “Young Love” banners on your signature with a link that redirect people on the video.

Here’s the code to do that by using the banner above :


Album Release :

Here’s a few simple things you can do to promote the album :

- Post a great review on Eli Lieb’s page on iTunes  and Amazon.com

-Tell your friends about the album and show them where they can buy it.

-Post an article on your blog or site about the album.

-Post one of the banners or video on the “tools” section somewhere on your site or share them on a forum.

Youtube Channel Promotion

Here’s some simple things you can do

1) Go on youtube and watch some of Eli Lieb’s video, save the ones you like to your favorite and give it a thumbs up.

2) Share the videos you like with your friends be sure to send them one they might like. For example if one of your friend love 30 seconds to mars, send him the “hurricane” cover .

3) Post the videos you like everywhere, on your facebook page, myspace, twitter etc .

Be original and don’t spam !

If you have any questions or suggestions about the missions you can talk about it here .

(You can also use the trending topics on twitter to promote Eli Lieb’s music .)

“People really like being really involved , they like thinking that they’ve discovered you . They like knowing that they can be part of you journey , you know , a part of your rise . And I really try to make all of the fans that I have to know how much I appreciate them , and know that it’s really … I mean it’s not just saying , it’s really because of them that I’m able to keep on furthering and get , you know, the higher places of my career . Because they are posting my songs on their facebook , twitter they’re playing it for friends . I mean it’s really social-networking .” -Eli Lieb

Thank you for your help !

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