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Eli Lieb is an American musician, singer-songwriter and producer.The covers he posted on his youtube channel allowed him to show his amazing talent to the world, and he is now releasing his second album, that thousands of fans and supporters have been eagerly waiting for.

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Eli was born on September 11, in New york and grew up in Fairfield, Iowa where he practiced Transcendental Meditation (A specific form of mantra meditation) daily since childhood. biography eli lieb pic

Eli Lieb started writing music when he was sixteen,  since he has never been able to read music he just picked up instruments and learned to play by himself. During an interview he declared that composing was some kind of “weird second nature” for him.When he was twenty Eli moved to NYC where he started to do music, playing at open mics allowed him to meet producers and people interested in his work. He then gained a manager and a team of people to help him with his career. When he was in his mid-twenties Eli stopped doing music for a few years. After this short break a friend of his advised him to post his music on youtube, that’s what he did, the number of views on his videos started to grow quickly and so did his fanbase.

Then Eli finally came back to Fairfield where he wrote and produced his first album.

The new youtube sensation finally posted some of his original songs and then started to promote his first “real” album, a record that he has written and produced all by himself.

The release date of the album which was first scheduled to be released on July 12th of 2011, got pushed back to October 25th.

It took him more than a year to finish this ten tracks album and its release has been highly anticipated by thousands of fans and supporters all around the world.

Eli explained in an interview the reasons of his comeback in Iowa and what’s his plan for the future :

“Now, why am I BACK in Iowa? Especially right now when music is really starting to pick up? I am an extremely spiritual person. For me, life isn’t about career goals, attaining things, luxury and riches. Yes, I have those desires but they aren’t on the top of my list. The top of my list is my spirituality and happiness. I’m not going to do ANYTHING that compromises that. I have realized that after 10 years in NYC, as much as I love it there, it’s not the kind of life that I desire. It’s not the WAY of life I desire. I am an incredibly happy person already in my life and don’t feel like I need anything to complete the puzzle. Living here, making music every day, being around all of my family, being healthy and focusing within, makes me happier than I can say. I’m sure that my career and other things will bring me to different places throughout my life but home base is Iowa.”

In 2013 Eli Lieb moved to L.A where he met and collaborated with several artists such as Cheyenne Jackson, or Adam Lambert. His single ‘Young Love’ released the same year was a success and the new youtube sensation is currently working on his second album, no release date has been announced so far.

In 2014 Eli teamed up with Allstate LGBT and released the song “Safe In My Hands” downloadable for free on their website.

Eli Lieb’s latest single ‘Young Love’

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