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Intimate show in Des Moines, Iowa

Hey everyone, Eli did a private show at a loft in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday. Just like mentionned it earlier this week on facebook :

“My MIDWEST FANS! Only a couple days left to get tickets to this special private show in Des Moines, Iowa. It will be very intimate and I will be hanging out with you all after the show :)

It seems that everything went well, and we might see some footage of the show soon :).

We’re also waiting for 2 covers that we mentionned earlier, it’s such an exciting moment for us all isn’t it ?


Eli working on 2 new covers

Today Eli announced that he was working on two new covers, one by a girl singer and one by a boy singer… Knowing that isn’t really helping us to guess what songs that might be but that’s still an exciting new isn’t it ?

“working on TWO new covers!”

“working on 2 new covers! One by a girl singer and one by a boy singer…”

We don’t know when it will be released or if the songs will be released at the same time but we’ll keep you posted about that !

Eli’s vlog ?

Eli posted probably one of the most exciting announcement of this year… (What?! Oh yeah right his album release … well technically it was last year…) , he might start a vlog !

“I’m thinking about starting a vlog! Perhaps…. :) tweet me @elilieb if you have any questions you would like me to answer, any shout outs you want me to give, anything that is on your mind that you would like me to address…. doesn’t even have to do with my music! Could be a fun thing….”

Doesn’t even have to do anything with his music ? Um, something tells me he’ll receive some very weird requests but it’ would be fun for sure. Anyway is anyone else excited about it ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or in our facebook page !

Place of Paradise remix music video

Yesterday Eli announced that he was going to release a music video for the remix of the song Place of Paradise. He just posted this video on his facebook fanpage a few minutes ago , here it is :

“I’m excited to announce the premiere of the REMIX music video for ‘Place Of Paradise’ (EL REMIX)! Enjoy!”

He mixed clips from the original music video and  some never seen before footage… Let us know what you think of it in the comment section below!

EDIT : Eli’s team also posted this :

Place of Paradise making of video

You can now watch the making of video for Place of Paradise on youtube.

When I asked Eli why he choose PoP as a first single  here’s  what he answered :

“I picked POP because it combines what I love best – Good straight up beat and synth sounds mixed with melodious orchestration.It’s a good introduction to my sound. “

In this video Eli explain the meaning of the song and the way he visually imagined it and also help us understand what the video represent.

New Interview with PMC Magazine

Hey everyone,

Eli recently  gave an interview to PMC magazine where he talks about what inspires him and the process of making music…

LJ: How was the process of being totally in charge of your album?

EL: It was really freeing doing it on my own because I didn’t put any pressures on myself. But it wasn’t until maybe after I finished 6 songs that I really decided to make and release an album. When you’re recording or writing under the hand of label, a lot of of the times you can feel the pressure to get it done. You feel like you’re making music not just for yourself or for the joy of it. It becomes a pressure thing and that’s when I start to filter myself too much because you’re afraid that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. But with my album I just wanted to make music just for the joy of making music. I allowed myself to just explore and have whatever came out be the final product.

LJ: When you started writing, did you also intend to produce an album? How did it happen?

EL: I had been in the music industry for a really long time. When I was a lot younger I was doing it more with labels and I had a specific goal in mind, an idea of what I wanted. But then I kinda let go of that midway through and took a couple of years break to do nothing music-wise. Once I got back into it, I just started basically buying equipment and teaching myself how to use them, that’s sort of how this album came about.

LJ: How was the process of self-teaching and that moment you realized you could do the whole album?

EL: It’s hard in the beginning because, when you first start something, there are so many things to do. Taking that first plunge is always the hardest part. It’s intimidating right at first, but then once you dive in everything unfolds and opens up. One thing that I do with music is that I teach myself anything. The instruments I play, the equipment that I use, I just kinda put it in front of me and figure it out.

LJ: It’s definitely impressive that from teaching yourself how to play instruments you were able to take to the next level and produce an entire album.

EL: I think that things have been going well with it because it came from this place of pure honesty. I wasn’t trying to create something with an ulterior motive in mind. I wasn’t thinking that I wanted to become rich and famous. I just wanted to make music because it made me happy to do so. Back at home, I can spend pretty much the whole day making music on my own. Then at night I go see my brother, my sister-in-law, my mom, my nephews, and I couldn’t be happier. I think when you’re living your life in a happy, honest place to yourself, that’s when you have the greatest chance of capturing yourself in whatever it is that you do.”

Read the whole interview here

A lot of these question has been asked before so if you already read the previous interview you can probably won’t learn a lot of things ;).